01. Harvey is a very [cynical] guy who would never believe that anyone did anything out of generosity.
02. You are such a [cynic]! Don't you believe in anything?
03. Calvin's [cynical] view of the world has kept him from making many friends.
04. It's really hard not to be [cynical] about this new government's promise to bring integrity back to politics, given their previous scandals.
05. I'd rather be naïve, and be taken advantage of from time to time than be [cynical] about everything, and trust no one.
06. The average rock video [cynically] uses sex to gain attention.
07. I find your constant [cynicism] a bit too much sometimes. Not everyone is out to screw others, you know.
08. Oscar Wilde once said that a [cynic] is one who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.
09. Marvin D. Levy once remarked that the day a person becomes a [cynic] is the day he loses his youth.
10. Harry Emerson Fosdick once said, "Watch what people are [cynical] about, and one can often discover what they lack."
11. Jonathon Duffy recently suggested that [cynicism] seems to have become the defining attitude of our time.
12. More and more people today seem to be [cynical] of government, the media, and big business. Everyone seems to think that others are simply out to help themselves.
13. She is a very [cynical] person, and finds it hard to have lasting relationships because she often simply doesn't believe what her lovers tell her.
14. He developed a [cynical] character after constantly being disappointed by those around him.

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